Booking Forms

4 year old kindergarten booking form & information 2021
Four Year Old Kinder letter 2021.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 629.4 KB

Download the appropriate form from the list below and return completed form to Millville

3 year old kindergarten booking form & information 2021
About 3 year old kinder 2021& Kinder boo
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Wait List Application.pdf
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Holiday Leave

Holiday Leave forms are to be completed and returned to centre at least 4 weeks before leave is taken to be eligible for holiday rate.

Holiday Leave Form.pdf
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Authorisation to collect

This form is to be completed if you (as an authorised person) wish to add aurthorise another person to collect your child who is not on your enrolment form. You can nominate if this person can collect as a one off or ongoing basis.

Aurthosiation to Collect form.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 72.9 KB