Echidna 3 Year Old Kindergarten

Echidna Room Program Our program is guided by our Centre’s philosophy and the Early Years Learning Framework for Australia (EYLF v2.0 ).  All our curriculum decisions are based on these. The frameworks describe the principles, practices and outcomes essential to support and enhance young children's learning from birth to 8 years of age, their transition to school and the early years at school.


The frameworks have a strong emphasis on play based learning. They have been designed for use be early childhood professionals working in partnerships with families, children’s first and most influential educators.


Our goals are centered around these frameworks as we work towards children developing a strong sense of identity, wellbeing, and community, good communications skills and positive dispositions for learning.


We encourage children to explore their own identity, solve problems, create, construct, communicate, build positive relationships with children and educators, develop positive dispositions towards learning, such as concentration, perseverance, resilience, playfulness and reciprocity, by creating physical environments that support a wide range of opportunities to learn.


We recognise the importance of building on children’s interests, strengths, abilities, cultures and home experiences through a variety of child initiated, as well as active educator play based learning. We recognise the importance of building secure, positive relationships with children to encourage children to form a strong sense of self. We encourage children to establish friendships and learn to live interdependently with others.


In our three year old program your child’s growing independence will be fostered and their self awareness and self esteem nurtured. They will be provided with many developmentally appropriate activities and experiences, that will both challenge and extend them.


The environment and learning areas are carefully planned and considered by nurturing, warm and passionate professionals who truly value high quality care and education . Imaginary play area, cubbies, blocks , sensory creative, music, drama, literacy, art, craft and learning are based on the children ‘s interests, strengths, and abilities. We have areas for children to work alone, in small groups and in large groups. Our group times are designed to encourage enthusiasm and enjoyment. We have a purpose built art room which encourages the children to develop their creative skills.


We offer an indoor/outdoor program where children have a choice of where they would like to be. Educators are there to, teach with intent and purpose and extend learning, We have vegetable gardens, chooks, rabbits, a worm farm and many different trees and plant. Children learn about living things, sustainability and explore the natural environment through water play, sandpits, mud, dirt, leaves and many nooks and crannies. Our learning area both indoors, and outdoors are always evolving with the children and encourage children to develop a sense of wonder and awe.


We introduced Bush Kinder in response to research that shows outdoor activities in a natural environment are extremely beneficial to children’s health, wellbeing and development.  This has been implemented into the Kindergarten program with great success.  We access a site nearby via bus and the with the outdoor learning being incredibly varied, ranging from free play, climbing and experimenting to guided walks and more structured sessions.


Incursions and Excursions are an important part of our three year old program. Excursions to the park, local shopping Centre to learn more about the community in which they live, music and drama performances are all part of our program.


We use the an online app "Educa" to communicate with families and the children have an online portfolio. The programs are on display in the room and also on Educa.  Families are welcomed and encouraged to contribute to planning, through our family input sheets, emails or adding to their online portfolio.