Kinder Planning


Our  curriculum  is guided by our Centre’s philosophy and the Early Years Learning Framework for Australia (EYLF 0-5 ) and the Victorian Early Years Learning Framework (VEYLF O-8) . Educators use the  Early Years Learning Frameworks (EYLF) and the Victorian Early Years Learning Framework (VEYLF) to work towards positive outcomes for children All our curriculum decisions are based on these..  The frameworks describe the principles, practices and outcomes essential to support and enhance young children's learning from birth to 8 years of age, their transition to school and the early years at school.

The frameworks have a strong emphasis on play based learning.  They have been designed for use be early childhood professionals working in partnerships with families, children’s first and most influential educators.


For more information on  curriculum please view our Family Handbooks page.



Millville childcare recognises early childhood is a very valuable stage of life. We believe in providing a welcoming, inclusive, family type environment which creates a sense of belonging for all families, children and educators.

We recognise and acknowledge that families are the primary and most influential educators and nurturers of their child and that children’s learning and development takes place in the context of families. We support and promote children’s sense of belonging by developing respectful, collaborative relationships with families.

We believe in providing an environment which encourages the development of each child to their full potential by having high expectations for every child.

We believe that the role of the educators is to provide a constructive, stimulating environment where positive guidance, modelling and intentional teaching make learning possible.

We view children as capable, competent co contributors and recognise their right to play and be active participants in their own learning.


We encourage children to explore their own identity, solve problems, create, construct, communicate by creating physical environments that support a wide range of opportunities to learn. We recognise the importance of building on children’s interests, strengths, abilities, cultures and home experiences through a variety if child initiated, as well as active educator play based learning.


We recognise the importance of building secure, positive relationships with children to encourage children to form a strong sense of self. We encourage children to establish friendships and learn to live interdependently with others. We strive to support children in the ways they connect to the natural environment to promote awareness of environmental and sustainable practice.


We believe in providing warm and supportive relationships to promote a strong sense of wellbeing. We recognise that when children and involved and engaged, they will be enthusiastic participants in their learning and develop positive dispositions for lifelong learning.


We recognise and value the knowledge and commitment of educators and support all their professional learning and development. We actively encourage and provide opportunities and resources for critical reflection and evaluation to enrich decision making about children’s curriculum and leering.


We believe that our philosophy statement changes as new insights are gained, practices are evaluated, or when the needs of families, children or educators alter.