Possum Room

Possum Room Planning
Our program is guided by our Centre’s philosophy and the Early Years Learning Framework for Australia (EYLF v2.0). All our curriculum decisions are based on these. The frameworks describe the principles, practices and outcomes essential to support and enhance young children's learning from birth to 8 years of age, their transition to school and the early years at school. 


The frameworks have a strong emphasis on play based learning. They have been designed for use be early childhood professionals working in partnerships with families, children’s first and most influential educators.


Our Possum Room curriculum is guided by the frameworks. The environment and learning areas are carefully planned and considered by nurturing, warm and passionate professionals who truly value high quality care and education. It is designed to create a sense of belonging in a homely, inviting environment where there is space for babies to crawl, explore and wonder. There are beautiful rugs with natural materials and baskets full of real things to touch, feel, smell, and develop their interests and imaginations. These natural materials enable babies to explore textures, tastes, smell and sound. Babies learn initially through their senses and providing a rich variety of objects enables them to learn.


Imaginary play area, cubbies, blocks , sensory creative, music, drama, literacy and learning are based on the children ‘s interests, strengths, and abilities. 


We offer an indoor/outdoor program where children have a choice of where they would like to be. Educators are there to hold, support, teach with intent and purpose and extend learning, Singing, talking, soothing, discussing and making children feel safe, secure and supported are all part of the educators role.


We are currently building a babies/toddlers play area which will be under cover and be an inviting, safe and secure place to learn and develop their knowledge and skills.


Our outdoor environment has sand, mud, trees, plants , animals and many natural resources for children to develop a sense of wonder and awe.


We use the an online app "Educa" to communicate with families and the children have an online portfolio. The programs are on display in the room and also on Educa. . Families are welcomed and encouraged to contribute to planning, through our family input sheets, emails or adding to their online portfolio.